Agricultural areas affected in Mariana bet on diversifying production

According to the forester, the nutrients provided by the different species enrich life in the soil. The banana tree is used to exemplify how to integrate species. It can be pruned and used as organic fertilizer for other species. In addition, it is a fruit tree that retains water in its roots, which can contribute to the development of certain plants in its vicinity. There is no use of pesticides. This is a guideline that Pollak has adopted throughout his property, not only in the AFS, but also in the garden.

One of the challenges Waldir Pollak faces is shortage of labour. This constraint was considered in the drafting of the AFS proposal. “The idea is to work with species that don’t need to be as intensely managed as a vegetable garden. In a garden, if you don’t constantly work to remove the weeds, they start to compete with the species of interest. So, it is very hard work. In the AFS, the demand for labour will be lower,” Martin explained.