Aflasafe: A natural product that safeguards food for Africans now available

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A natural product that protects crops in farmers’ fields from toxic compounds such as aflatoxin is now available to farmers in Nigeria!

Called Aflasafe, this bioprotectant is an effective product (with 80 to 100% effectiveness) against pre-harvest crop contamination with aflatoxins. Aflatoxins are highly toxic carcinogenic compounds that can cause liver cancer and other health maladies. According to the Partnership for Aflatoxin Control in Africa (PACA): “It is estimated that aflatoxins cause between 5% and 30% of all liver cancer in the world, with the highest incidence of 40% occurring in Africa. In countries with high hepatitis B viremia, liver cancer risks increase with dietary exposure to aflatoxins.

Aflasafe helps enable the production of safe crops, reducing the risks of liver cancer caused by the consumption of aflatoxins in foods.

Aflasafe is not a food for direct human consumption. It is also not a poisonous chemical. Aflasafe is a beneficial plant bioprotectant and a non-chemical agricultural product developed against aflatoxins, one of the most dangerous compounds on earth.

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