A shared commitment to food security and youth employment in Mali

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On 3 October, Mali’s new Minister of Agriculture, Lassine Dembélé, met with IITACGIAR Sahel Hub Director Abdoulaye Tahirou as both parties discussed ongoing projects and opportunities for collaboration aimed at strengthening food security and promoting youth employment in Mali’s agricultural sector.

Tahirou congratulated Minister Dembélé and highlighted IITA’s research and development mission to improve agricultural productivity in Africa. He also outlined the Institute’s specific projects in Mali, including the CSAT project, which focuses on introducing climate-smart agricultural technologies and the improvement of rural livelihoods in Mali and youth employment in agricultural value chains, as well as the BBEST project.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the One CGIAR, a major reform in global agriculture in which IITA plays a leading role in Mali. Tahirou explained the aims and benefits of this reform, showing how it can strengthen agricultural research and innovation in the country.

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