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A Transformational COP28 for Climate Action

At COP28, CGIAR is addressing two of humanity’s most urgent challenges: climate change and food security.  

Climate change is fueling a global food crisis, pushing levels of hunger and malnutrition to record highs. At the same time, agriculture and food systems are a major contributor to climate change.

Join us at the Food and Agriculture Pavilion to engage with global experts and leaders accelerating action and investment to transform food, land and water systems in a climate crisis.


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Updates from COP28

Stay informed with updates on the latest developments at COP28, analysis of the broader climate and food systems landscape, and insights from CGIAR research and action.

Our impact

CGIAR is leading the way in climate adaptation and mitigation, with a focus on enhancing the resilience and sustainability of food systems globally. CGIAR research and innovation contribute to implementing key climate agreements, empowering 500 million small-scale producers with climate resilience tools, and turning agriculture into a net carbon sink by 2050.

By addressing both the challenges and opportunities presented by agriculture in climate change, we strive to support small-scale producers, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and ensure sustainable food systems for future food and nutrition security.

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