Women's land: Beyond "access" to rights

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  • #54544b">#0563c1;text-decoration: underline">Ruth Meinzen-Dick, IFPRI
  • #54544b">#0563c1;text-decoration: underline">Agnes Quisumbing, IFPRI
  • #54544b">#0563c1;text-decoration: underline">Cheryl Doss, PIM/University of Oxford


  • #54544b">#0563c1;text-decoration: underline">Sophie Theis, IFPRI

For most rural households, land is the most valuable asset and the foundation for agricultural production. While a large literature exists on the relationships between land tenure security, livelihoods, and poverty, most of this literature is based on household-level data, and we know little about women’s land rights.

As a growing body of research demonstrates the importance of women’s ownership and control over assets, this webinar will discuss definitions of women’s land rights and tenure security, and review the evidence on why this matters for development outcomes.