WEBINAR: Knowing the seed, trusting the source: How farmer perspectives can boost seed promotion

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    01:30 pm > 02:15 pm UTC-11:00

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Webinar description:

CGIAR Genetic Innovation launches its new global webinar series: Over the past decades, uptake rates of new seed products in low-income countries have remained low. A new multi-country, multi-crop qualitative study helps understand how women and men farmers form their varietal uptake choices and what strategies can help reach social groups usually not targeted through conventional seed promotion. This webinar examines farmers’ criteria in taking up new varieties and compares these with seed promotion strategies in the respective countries. Learn about our findings and why more inclusive and culturally sensitive seed promotion approaches can increase farmers’ interest in trying new varieties.

Objectives: The webinar will help participants:

  • Learn the factors that drive farmers’ varietal choices and why they are vital for seed uptake
  • Understand the main barriers to inclusive seed promotion and how to overcome them
  • Plan their own seed promotion approaches to increase chances that new varieties make it to farmers’ fields


  • Martina Cavicchioli (Independent Researcher)
  • Carly Trachtman (CGIAR Market Intelligence Initiative; IFPRI)
  • Berber Kramer (CGIAR Market Intelligence Initiative; IFPRI)
  • Vivian Polar (CGIAR Market Intelligence Initiative; CIP)

Agenda (tentative):

  • Introduction
  • Research results: Farmers’ perspectives and inclusion issues in seed promotion
  • Q&A
  • Highlights from the surveys and experiment conducted under Market Inelligence WP5


  • Framework/brief: Cavicchioli, M., Cole, S.M., Teeken, B., Ashby, J.A., Polar, V., Kramer, B., Yami, M., and Abdoulaye, T. (2023). Contextualizing women’s and men’s trait preferences and choice options in the uptake of breeding products: a framework. Ibadan, Nigeria: IITA. https://cgspace.cgiar.org/handle/10568/135068  
  • Market Intelligence Brief: Trachtman, C., Kramer, B. and Demont, M. 2022. Behavioral market intelligence and its implications for seed systems development. Market Intelligence Brief Series 3. Montpellier: CGIAR. https://cgspacecgiar.org/handle/10568/128427