Webinar: Innovations to help secure pastoral land tenure and governance

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How best to secure land tenure for pastoralists is an ongoing challenge for governments, practitioners, lawyers, academics, and communities themselves. As a result, pastoral lands continue to be encroached, fragmented, excised, and lost whilst all important mobility of people and livestock is blocked. The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) supported by two CGIAR research programs: Policies, Institutions, and Markets and Livestock, and the International Land Coalition (ILC) have been working with national governments in Ethiopia and Tanzania to provide solutions for this challenge. Examples of the applied research include development, piloting, and follow-up support to land use planning, land certification, and rangeland management approaches.

During this webinar, our presenter will describe innovations, successful practices, and lessons learned from her work on pastoral land tenure and governance over the past 15 years, with special focus on how research and technical support to governments used as entry point can lead to policy-impacting results.


*Recording will be available on the event page after the webinar