Sustainable Land Use: Role of soil for sustainable food systems

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“Healthy soils are our allies in combating global hunger, the climate crisis, and the extinction of species. However, they are under pressure: they are severely affected by land sealing and soil degradation. It is, moreover, essential that farmers worldwide have access to land and are able to manage soils over the long term. We need to act now — and we need to act in global solidarity.“ – Cem Özdemir, German Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture

 The United Nations’ goal of achieving a world without hunger by 2030 is directly linked to protecting the soil. We must use land resources sustainably and preserve existing agricultural land in order to feed the growing global population, keep global warming below 2°C, and reduce the loss of biodiversity.

 At the 14th Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA), held January 24–28, 2022, some 80 agriculture ministers and representatives of international organizations from across the globe agreed on a range of measures to significantly strengthen the sustainable use and management of soils the world over. They were joined by representatives from academia, private sector, and civil society from 150 nations. The GFFA communiqué emphasizes the need to minimize soil degradation and restore degraded soils, and highlights the critical role that soils can play as carbon sinks. It also calls for clear rules to ensure equitable access to land.

At this policy seminar, the key outcomes of the GFFA will be presented and discussed, with a particular focus on the policy commitments and partnerships essential for improving soil health and stewardship to sustainably meet the world’s food needs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.