SAFET Session #3 Virtual Conference: Technologies for Small Scale Fisheries

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The third session of the 2020/2021 SAFET Virtual Conference, Technologies for Small Scale Fisheries is an interactive and informative session that presents some of the latest implementations of technologies for improving small scale fisheries, followed by a virtual technology expo which provides opportunities for technology service providers to engage with conference participants.

Date: Thursday, 17 December 2020

Time: 22:00 PM – 00:00 AM (UTC+8)

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While new and emerging technologies are helping to solve some of the most serious challenges we face in sustaining the world’s fisheries, they are mostly being applied in developed, industrialized nations. However, small scale fisheries (SSFs) account for over half of the world’s wild caught seafood, involve 90% of the world’s fishermen and women, and are the livlihoods of hundreds of millions of people. 

New technologies have a critical role to play in safeguarding these livelihoods through improving science and management, building the capacity of management and enforcement institutions, legitimizing small scale fishers and their communities, building resilience to climate change, improving access to markets, improving fishermen safety and many other areas.   

The business, regulatory and physical environments that are found in many small scale fishery contexts are markedly different to those in industrialized fisheries and so the same tools and implementation models used in the latter are rarely directly transferable to the former. And while challenges facing small scale fisheries have received less attention by technologists, they are beginning to be faced head on by a combination of innovations. 

In this event, join WorldFish’s small-scale fisheries scientist, Alex Tilley, and a panel of experts, to explore technologies that enable innovations such as data collection, transmission, storage and analysis, funding mechanisms, organization and empowerment of stakeholders and capacity building of fishery managers and scientists that hold the key to sustainability, climate resilience and better livelihoods in small scale fisheries globally.

Check out the WorldFish publication “PeskAAS: A near-real-time, open-source monitoring and analytics system for small-scale fisheries” to learn more.

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