Rwanda Discussion of IFPRI’s 2021 Global Food Policy Report: Transforming Food Systems After COVID-19

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The 2021 Global Food Policy Report (2021 GFPR) examines the lessons learned from the pandemic and public and private sector responses. IFPRI researchers and colleagues consider not just how to rebuild post-COVID but, more importantly, how this growing knowledge can shape our path to truly transforming food systems. Chapters in the report look at balancing health and economic policies, trade’s importance to food security, promoting healthy diets and nutrition, the role of social protection policies and greater inclusion, natural resource policies for food security and sustainability, the contribution of private sector innovation, and how to finance food system transformation. 2021 offers a crucial opportunity to rethink and renew efforts to transform the world’s food systems, and the 2021 GFPR lays out an evidenced-based framework for successfully doing so.

The Kigali discussion will provide an overview of the report, as well as lessons learned from the pandemic as they pertain to Rwanda’s agriculture and nutrition sectors

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