Research Workshop: New political economies of research: challenging perspectives and positions in complex policy environments

  • Date
  • Time
    10:00 am > 11:30 am UTC+03:00
  • Location
    United Nations, Nairobi, Conference Room 9, Nairobi, 00100, Kenya

Thematic Areas: Institutional Innovations

In this roundtable discussion, we invite colleagues and partners to reflect critically on the landscapes of policies and institutions in which we work and are a part of, and the extent to which these landscapes enable or perhaps constrain the very food, land and water systems transformations we are working towards. 

In order to address complex problems in these systems, there is a need to examine systemic stability/instability that can cause or perpetuate challenges. In this context, we ask: from a research design perspective, are we addressing all the key systemic issues (e.g. formal and informal rules and practices, including our own as researchers; the role of global political economies and power structures) or is our approach missing key questions on major impediments to effective FLW system transformation? Further, and in relation to desired transformations, how does our work interact with and address power structures that may seek competing and different kinds of transformations, and how do we navigate these complexities in designing the next generation of research activities under the CGIAR? 

We aim to explore these questions critically and openly, seeking ways of strengthening our approach to co-design, and becoming more responsive to competing political constituencies, including those more closely aligned with global social and policy movements. Moreover, we ask: what does this systemic approach mean for the role of individual researchers within the CGIAR, and how can we encourage more reflective and reflexive research environments? The proposed outcome is a written briefing note that can serve as a starting point for continuous consideration of the political contexts in which we work and that we are at once both shaped by and seek to shape.