Research Workshop: Nature-Positive Solutions at the Intersection of Agro-Biodiversity, Environmental Sustainability, and Social Inclusion

  • Date
  • Time
    04:30 pm > 06:00 pm UTC+03:00
  • Location
    United Nations, Nairobi, Conference Room 7, Kenya

Thematic Areas: Climate Action, Resilient Landscape, Institutional innovations, Healthy Diets, Capacity Sharing & Digital Data

The workshop will explore nature-positive solutions in relation to themes of environmental health and biodiversity and gender and social inclusion using quantitative and qualitative baseline survey data from Colombia, India, Kenya, and Vietnam. Amplifying these themes will be a true cost accounting exercise of food production, accounting for social and environmental externalities in Kenya and Vietnam.  

Objectives are to:

(1) Raise awareness about nature-positive agricultural solutions that equitably support local food production and livelihoods, while ensuring that agriculture is a net positive contributor to nature and society

(2) Get feedback on results and ideas for engaging further with decisionmakers and the policy space

(3) Explore research and implementation recommendations for future work.

Expected outcomes are:

(1) Appreciation for the role of nature-positive solutions and their contributions to equitable sustainability

(2) Requests for reports and data on nature-positive solutions and true cost accounting

(3) Further engagement in national and subnational dialogues on nature-positive agriculture and true cost accounting. 

The program will include 10 minutes of welcome and introduction, 50 minutes of presentation, and 60 minutes of responses from stakeholders and Q&A.  


  • Environmental health and biodiversity: Dr. Sedi Boukaka, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) (speaker) 
  • Gender and social inclusion: Dr. Kristin Davis, IFPRI (speaker) 
  • True cost accounting: Dr. Rui Benfica, IFPRI (speaker) 
  • Mr. Viswadev Venukumar Sreeja, BAIF Development Research Foundation (respondent)