PIM Webinar: The investment effects of forest rights devolution

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Presenter: Steven Lawry, Senior Associate, Equal Opportunities, Gender, Justice and Tenure, Center for International Forestry Research
ModeratorFrank Place, Director, CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets (PIM)

Local communities and indigenous peoples manage a significant portion of the world’s remaining forests, pastures, and fisheries as common property resources. Devolving ownership, use, and exclusionary rights to communities can, in many circumstances, provide incentives for them to manage resources in ways that facilitate sustainable management outcomes as well as greater equity in benefits distribution. However, understanding who is investing in community-held resources following rights devolution and how investment patterns evolve over time is fragmentary. This webinar presentation will address this knowledge gap by exploring the pathways that have emerged to deliver investment in common property resources in Guatemala, Mexico, Nepal and Namibia. The implications of these findings on more effective and equitable forest management institutional arrangements will be also presented.

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