NEXUS Gains Talk 7: Carbon Emissions from Inland Water

Globally, water and carbon cycles are tightly coupled. Water contributes to the movement of carbon through the environment and contributes directly and indirectly to the amount of carbon stored within landscapes (e.g. in soils, forests and wetlands), and greenhouse gases emitted from those stores. By altering natural processes in the water cycle, and through energy use, human interventions in water resource management affect both the sequestration and emissions of carbon. This NEXUS Gains talk provides insights into the carbon–water nexus and the impacts stemming from water resource interventions.


  • Bunyod Holmatov (NEXUS Gains and IWMI): Carbon footprint of water: how it relates to the water, energy, food and environment nexus and why it is important
  • Nishadi Eriyagama (NEXUS Gains and IWMI): Estimating greenhouse gas emissions from reservoirs in the context of the water, energy, food and environment nexus

The two presentations will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Matthew McCartney (NEXUS Gains Lead and IWMI).


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Thursday 8 December, 18:30–19:30 (Sri Lanka)


Header image: Sardor Sarova Dam, India. Photo by Hamish John Appleby.