International Symposium on Understanding the Double Burden of Malnutrition for Effective Interventions

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    Vienna, India

IFPRI is participating in the International Symposium on Understanding the Double Burden of Malnutrition for Effective Interventions.

The double burden of malnutrition (DBM) affects at least a quarter of all countries worldwide, with low and middle income countries bearing the greatest burden due to lack of capacity to tackle the problem. DBM connotes a complex situation where food insecurity, micronutrient deficiencies, undernutrition and infectious diseases, as well as overweight, obesity and related non-communicable diseases (NCDs) coexist in countries, communities and households, and even in the same individual.

The purpose of the symposium is to strengthen understanding of how to tackle the DBM by sharing recent research findings as well as experiences with the implementation of relevant interventions, programmes and policies. The symposium will, in particular, highlight the role of stable isotopes in addressing gaps both in the measurement of malnutrition and in assessing the impact of interventions. The symposium aims to identify double-duty actions, new assessment tools, considerations for policies and action plans to support Member States in achieving their defined nutrition commitments within the Nutrition Decade.


Session 1: Setting the Scene, Panel Discussion (December 10, 2018 — 11:15am-12:30pm)

Poster Presentation (December 10, 2018 — 12:30pm-1:30pm)

Trends and Inequity in the Double Burden of Malnutrition in India between 2006-2016: Insights from Nationally Representative Surveys

Session 6: Infant and Young Child Feeding II – Complementary Feeding (December 11, 2018 — 11:45am-12:00pm)

How to Do No Harm With Existing Interventions? Examples of Unintended Effects From Guatemala and Mexico

Double Duty Actions for the Double Burden of Malnutrition (December 12, 2018 — 1:30pm-2:30pm)

Making Every Move Count: Double Duty Innovations for Nutrition and Health


Session 14: Bridging the Evidence, Panel Discussion (December 14, 2018 — 2:15pm-3:00pm)