Innovation Showcase: Exhibition and high-level panel discussion on fostering inclusive, resilient, sustainable, and healthy rice value chains in Africa

  • Date
  • Time
    12:00 pm > 03:30 pm UTC+03:00
  • Location
    United Nations, Conference Room 6, Nairobi, Kenya

Thematic Area: Healthy Diets, Better Crops


Rice is a vital component of African diets, serving as a staple food for millions across the continent. During the last decades, rice consumption has surged due to rising per capita consumption, urbanization, and demographic growth. However, local rice production has not kept pace with this demand, necessitating imports primarily from Asia. Concurrently, the health implications of rice consumption, particularly regarding nutrition and food security, have become increasingly significant. This session will explore strategies and innovations to promote the production and consumption of healthier rice varieties, improve access to nutritious rice for vulnerable populations, and enhance quality rice trade in Africa. The event aims to showcase innovative solutions for improving food and nutrition security, successful partnership models in rice research and development, and the role of policies and trade in achieving rice self-sufficiency. By highlighting case studies, lessons learned, and recommendations for scaling up collaborative efforts, the session seeks to foster dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders, catalyzing actions towards more inclusive, resilient, sustainable and healthy rice value chains. 

The side event will include three components: an exhibition of key innovations that sustainably improve food and nutrition security for a healthy and prosperous Africa, and two panel discussions—one on partnership models for rice-based system research and development in Africa, and another on the role of policies and trade in achieving rice self-sufficiency in Africa.


  • Dr. Manneh Baboucarr, AfricaRice Director General 
  • Dr. Aliou Diagne, AfricaRice Director of Research and Innovation 
  • Dr. Arouna Aminou, Program Leader Policy, Innovation Systems and Impact Assessment, AfricaRice 
  • Director General FOFIFA, Madagascar