IFPRI Egypt Seminar: Advancing the Food System for Growth, Job Creation, and Better Nutrition in Egypt

  • Date
  • Location
    Cairo, Egypt

According to joint IFPRI-CAPMAS estimates, the food system in Egypt makes up about 25 percent of the Egyptian economy and employs about 33 percent of the workforce. But the food system in Egypt is diverse and promoting different value chains within the food system is likely to lead to different outcomes. Each value chain has specific characteristics. For example, amounts and types of inputs for production, jobs, and incomes generated by producers, processors and traders, as well as the nutritional value can vary widely from value chain to value chain.

This seminar presents first estimates on how the key value chains in Egypt – such as cereals, fruits, vegetables, livestock, and fish contribute to key development indicators. The presentation of results will be accompanied by presentations of a distinguished set of panelists. As such, the seminar will help uncover trade-offs between promoting different value chains and thereby helping guide public and private investments in the food system.