From Science to Action Webinar Series #1 Innovations to overcome barriers to access to finance for smallholders, SMEs and women

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As a follow up from the FTA 2020 Science Conference, FTA and its managing partners are now developing a series of open webinars, extracting the highlights from the conference and bringing them to the public. The aim is to inform and support concrete action on the ground with a focus on transformative science derived from FTA’s most innovative lines of research.

The CGIAR research program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (FTA) is the world’s largest research for development program to enhance the role of forests, trees and agroforestry in sustainable development. Innovative finance is one of FTA’s key Operational Priorities, led by Tropenbos International (TBI), one of its managing partners.

On the 26th of November, FTA and TBI are proud to launch and present their latest report on Innovative Finance for Sustainable Landscapes.

This milestone publication, developed through extensive open consultations and cutting-edge collaborative methods, explores the complex barriers that hinder the potential of external finance to increase sustainability of tropical landscapes and achieve positive impact at scale. A selection of most promising financial innovations and schemes are identified and discussed and pathways to alleviate these barriers are proposed. These findings result from a participatory process with strong engagement from the Civil Society and the Private Sector. The outcomes of the report were recently reviewed at the FTA Science Conference.

In the occasion of the launch of the report, FTA and TBI would like to invite everyone to an open webinar to illustrate some of the key findings and open questions that the study reveals, as well as what are the future areas of collaborations for implementing innovative finance.

The discussion will bring together perspectives from different stakeholders and donors, and will allow ample time for question and answer sessions from the audience.

Join us in our efforts to understand and overcome barriers to access to finance!