Do national and international policies undermine climate security?

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Policies that address existing insecurities should include how such insecurities interact with climate change, and the deployment of the climate security lens is crucial in this. This webinar will aim to identify and map where there is convergence and divergence of climate and security policies. 

The speakers in our sixth webinar will aim to present the importance of bridging the gap between climate science and policy.


Mark Goldberg, Editor, UN Dispatch 


Rob Vos, Director of Markets, Trade and Institutions Division, CGIAR   


Frank Place, Director, CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets  

Sibi Lawson-Marriott, Regional Adviser, Climate Change Adaptation, Resilience and Gender Equality, UN World Food Programme 

Richard Klein, Team Leader, International Climate Risk and Adaptation at SEI and Professor of Geography, Climate Policy and Development at Linköping University  

Tobias von Lossow (Research Fellow, Sustainability Research Unit, Clingendael)