Digital and Financial Services in the Livestock sector in India - Opportunities and Challenges

  • Date
    31.08.23 > 01.09.23
  • Time
    06:00 am > 08:00 pm UTC-11:00

​The livestock sector in India is a backbone of the rural economy with 60% of the rural households dependent on it for economic activities and livelihood. Though livestock is a reliable source of income for farmers, contributing to 4.11% of the national GDP and 25.6% of the total agricultural GDP, the full potential of the sector is yet to be realized. Though national programs exist, they often work in silos, including limited participation of the private sector and market access by the livestock keepers.

The objective of this workshop is to bring together stakeholders and practioners from various sectors in Indian agriculture, namely private, public, developmental, donors, to understand the opportunities and the gaps with respect to digital financial services and inclusion for livestock with a specific focus on the drylands of the subcontinent.