Decision making in a commercial breeding program - BrIN Learning Series

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    12:00 am
Date/time: May 5, 2021: 9-10 am EST / 1-2 pm GMT

For: Plant breeders, quantitative geneticists, breeding analytics developers, biometricians, bioinformaticians, and the BrIN community

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Decision making in a commercial breeding program – Breeding Informatics Network Community Learning Series 

An expert presentation and discussion on how Bayer increased data fluency and analytics to make better decisions. What did they learn and what changes were adopted over the last 10 years? Join Bayer, Cornell, EiB and partners for an examination of how over the years of testing, Bayer has aimed to get increasing confidence for performance in farmers’ fields and conditions. This includes increasing the number of locations and size of experimental plots.

The presenter will describe data analytics that used for decision making and how that helps ensure confidence that the right varieties and hybrids have been selected to sell. The presentation will be followed by Q&A.

Presenter: Brian Gardunia, Bayer Crop Science

Hosts: Breeding Informatics Network (BrIN) Lead/Project Manager, Young Wha Lee, EiB / Star Gao, Cornell University

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Special thanks: to EiB project funders including Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, the United States Agency for International Development, GIZ/BMZ Germany, ACIAR Australia, the Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research (FFAR), and our presenters and partners.