Science Talk: Market Intelligence-Driven Decision-Making in Genetic Innovation

  • Date
  • Time
    08:30 am > 10:00 am UTC+03:00
  • Location
    United Nations, Conference Room 10, Nairobi, Kenya

Thematic Areas: Healthy Diets, Better Crops, Future Frontiers, Gender & Inclusion

In this session, we will present the framework for gathering market intelligence for genetic innovation to deliver crop varieties that respond to global sustainability challenges, such as food insecurity, malnutrition, climate change and gender and social inequality. We will also highlight the two innovations developed in the first three years of the One CGIAR Genetic Innovation Action Area.

The first presentation will focus on the framework for seed product market segmentation and target product profile design to meet the preferences and requirements of farmers, processors and consumers of next generation seed products. Discussions will focus on the importance of market intelligence and transdisciplinary approaches to have inclusive and impactful breeding programs.

The next presentations will showcase two innovations developed under the Genetic Innovation Action Area: Breeding Portal and the Global Market Intelligence Platform (GloMIP). The Breeding Portal and GloMIP enable prioritization at scale by providing evidence on impact opportunities for 21 CGIAR mandate and 25 non-CGIAR crops across 171 countries spanning the five Impact Areas. We will provide a live demo showcasing the power and utility of these tools for evidence-based decision-making in Genetic Innovation.


  • Matty Demont (host)
  • Agnes Mbugua-Gitonga, CIMMYT
  • Michael Quinn, CIMMYT
  • Bert Lenaerts, IRRI