Africa Food Security Leadership Dialogue

  • Date
    05.08.19 > 06.08.19
  • Location
    Kigali Marriott Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda

Organized by the Republic of Rwanda, African Union Commission, World Bank Group, FAO, African Development Bank and IFAD, the African Food Security Leadership Dialogue is scheduled to take place 5-6 August, 2019.

Today, more than 257 million people are undernourished – a number that is higher than in 2010. If this trend continues and attempts to adapt the food system to climate change fail, the hard-won gains of previous years will be completely reversed and achieving the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) zero hunger target by 2025 will become impossible. Therefore, committed action towards food security in a changing climate is needed, especially in the face of the challenges facing the continent such as conflict, extreme weather, urbanization, and limited progress in regional integration.

The African Food Security Leadership Dialogue aims to strengthen partnerships in support of countries that wish to address the urgent food security situation in Africa. Under the AFSLD, the founding partners aim to commit to a new way of working together to achieve impacts that are much bigger than what the individual organizations can deliver working separately.