Accelerating International Cooperation on Climate-Friendly Alternative Proteins

Alternatives for the future

  • Date
    21.05.24 > 25.05.24
  • Time
    08:00 am > 08:00 pm UTC+01:00
  • Location
    Bellagio, Italy

The Rockefeller Foundation will host the “Accelerating International Cooperation on Climate-Friendly Alternative Proteins” convening in Bellagio, Italy, from 21–25 of May 2024.

The event seeks to integrate Alternative Proteins (APs) into climate mitigation and food security initiatives, proposing their inclusion in the COP30 agenda.

About the convening

APs, including plant-based, fermentation, and cellular agriculture products, offer the taste and nutrition of animal-based foods with significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Yet, despite their potential to reduce emissions by 10% by 2050 and cut food system methane emissions in half, international cooperation on APs remains limited.

World leaders recognized the urgent need to address emissions from conventional livestock production and committed to integrating food and agriculture into climate agreements by COP30.

CGIAR Participation

For more details on CGIAR participation, please check back.

Header photo: The results of a trial of drought-tolerant beans in Malawi. Neil Palmer/CIAT