The 5th Global Science Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture 2019 - Transforming food systems under a changing climate

  • Date
    08.10.19 > 10.10.19
  • Location
    Bali, Indonesia

This is NOT your usual science conference!

Find out why:

Call for abstract submissions is still open, with an extended deadline of 15 March 2019What’s your approach to CSA? Submit your abstract here and be part of transforming our food systems! 

Agricultural development can be slow and uneven, often not reaching the people who are most vulnerable and in pockets of deep, entrenched poverty. It is further hindered by climate change, which disproportionally affects agriculture and threatens the achievement of SDG targets on food security and poverty. In order to achieve food security, increase productivity, alleviate poverty among rural communities, build resilience to climate change and other stresses, and reduce agricultural emissions, a complete transformation in agriculture is needed over the next decade, going beyond business as usual and piecemeal short-term projects. 

Since the term climate-smart agriculture (CSA) was coined in 2010, the biannual global science conferences on CSA have emerged as the key global forum for scientific exchange to underpin CSA implementation. Building on the lessons from the previous conferences, the overarching theme of the 5th conference, ‘Transforming food systems under a changing climate’, takes cognizance of the need for transformation and aims to build the knowledge base needed to support the transformation required.

Objectives – Mobilizing partners for transformation

For a transformation to succeed, creativity, disruption and change are required. We invite stakeholders, entrepreneurs and game changers from all sectors to join us in taking action.

The conference will aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • To mobilize the knowledge needed for food systems transformation under climate change.
  • To catalyze the partnerships needed for transformation, bringing together all key stakeholders, from scientists, policy makers, investors and farmers.

Tentative program

09.00 Welcome and opening ceremony 09.00 Summary of the previous day and overview of today’s program 09.00 Summary of the previous day and overview of today’s program
09.15 Setting the scene 09.10 Hard talk: “Is CSA business as usual? 09.10 House of Commons debate
09.20 Interactive keynote 09.40 Speedtalks: “Perspectives on CSA and transformation” 10.00 3 TED style inspiring talks on case study examples
09.35 Keynote presentation 10.00 3 TED style inspiring talks on case study examples Audience feedback
09.50 Roundtable discussion on fostering transformation Audience feedback 11.00 Break
Audience feedback 11.00 Break 11.30 CSA unconference sessions
(3-6 parallel sessions)
10.50 Overview of upcoming sessions 11.30 6 Parallel thematic sessions
13.00 Lunch
11.00 Break 13.30 Lunch 14.30 Marketplace
11.30 Pitches on 6 themes 15.00 Speed talks with accompanying poster 15.30 Winners announcement: Hack4CSA hackathon, Compete to Innovate, CSA social media contest
13.00 Lunch 16.00 Break + poster sessions 16.00 Break
14.30 6 Parallel thematic sessions 16.30- 18.30 Innovation hub
Space for self-organized side events
16.30 Synthesis panel
16.00 Break 17.30 Declaration and closing
16.30 CSA unconference session: “What are the hot topics that need discussion?”
17.30- 19.30 Sunset Reception

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