2nd General Assembly of the Centers

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    Rabat, Morocco

The second General Assembly of the Centers was held on 23 and 24 January 2018, hosted by ICARDA in Rabat, Morocco.

It is being organized by the following Co-Chairs:

  • Nicole Birrell, Convener of the Chairs of the Boards of Trustees of the CGIAR Centers
  • Matthew Morell, Convener of the Directors General of the CGIAR Center

The following resources are available in support of the agenda of the second General Assembly of the Centers:

**Indicates that a document remains a working draft of the General Assembly of the Centers, and therefore remains internal to the General Assembly at this time. General Assembly members will receive a direct link to access these documents.




Agenda item Resources
1.     Welcome and introductions
2.     Following up on GA1 actions and other business processes
3.     SMB member selection processes
  • Framing slides (GA2-07) **- Note: Expected at GA2
  • 2017 call for nominations (GA2-07a) **
  • 2017 Nominations Committee- Chair’s Reflections (GA2-07b)**
4.    Recapping 2017 and the strategic priorities of the SMB for the year ahead
5.     Returning to the August 2017 Centers’ Workshop discussions on System architecture
  • Assessing System architecture- Summary Table (GA2-09)**
  • Assessing System architecture- Extended table (GA2-09a) **
  • Exploring System scenarios including the (i) ‘Corporate’, (ii) SMB++, and (iii) ‘Federated’ models (GA2-09b) **
6.     Aligning on a vision for optimal resource mobilization efforts- taking account of the various roles and needs of the many stakeholders in the System
7.     Recapping and framing the day ahead
  • Resources as required
8.     Building on Center strategic activities
  • Resources as required
9.     Wrapping up strategic activities session
  • Resources as required
10.  Center-only session
  • Resources as required
11.  Matters for reflection for the year ahead
  • Resources as required
12.  Meeting close
  • Resources as required

Other Background Reading and Key Documents: