2nd CGIAR System Management Board Meeting

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    Mexico City, Mexico

The CGIAR System Management Board held its second meeting on 26 and 27 September 2016 in Mexico City, Mexico. The documents of the meeting are provided below.

Meeting Summary

* Document references are provided below relevant agenda items. As the papers become available they will be accessible by a weblink.

Agenda item 1 Opening of 2nd System Management Board Meeting
SMB2-01, Provisional Agenda, Revision 1
SMB2-02, Ratification of System Management Board Working Groups and revised membership
SMB2-05, Confirming appointment of Executive Director
Agenda item 2 Reporting back on System Council early discussions on the 2017 – 2022 CGIAR Portfolio
ISPC Assessments, 14 September 2016
Donor-group review
ISPC Summary on GLDC proposal, 16 September 2016
Agenda item 3 Considering financial matters before the System Council on 26 September 2016
SC2-05, 2017 System Entity Preliminary Budgets
Agenda item 4 Managing the carry-over of Window 1 & 2 funds from 2016 to 2017
SMB2-03, Proposed Guidelines for the implementation of a carry-over of unused and uncommitted funds
Agenda item 5 Funding the CGIAR Portfolio: a strategic resource mobilization approach
Agenda item 6 Advancing the work of the Audit and Risk Committee
Agenda item 7 Reporting back on SC2 decisions relevant to the System Management Board
Agenda item 8 High-level Board Work Plan for end 2016- 2017
SMB2-04, Principles for Board Meeting planning
Agenda item 9 Other business