Investing in a Food, Nutrition
& Climate Secure Future

Food and climate are inextricably linked.

Climate change and food security – two of the world’s most urgent challenges – are inextricably linked. In a world that is 2°C warmer, an additional 189 million people will face hunger. In a 4°C warmer world, an additional 1.8 billion people will go hungry.

Yet with science, we can transform food systems from being a source of emissions to a sink for carbon, from fueling environmental degradation to supporting regeneration, and from reducing biodiversity to protecting it.

With Science we can.

Investing in food
and nutrition security

Investment of $4bn in CGIAR research will harness the power of science and innovation to tackle climate change, increase productivity and build more resilient food systems.

small farmers
be more climate
greenhouse gas
emissions from the
agricultural sector by
per year by 2030
Close the
gender gap for
500m women
who work in food,
land and water

Why urgent investment
is required.

The world is at a crossroads, and cannot meet climate and development goals without transforming food systems. Yet with the right investment agriculture has the potential to be humanity’s biggest solution to climate change.

With investment
Agriculture land restoration
Without investment
Agriculture land degradation
With investment
Creation of carbon sinks
Without investment
Failure to protect our precious resources
With investment
Better water management and access to water
Without investment
Increased water scarcity and droughts
With investment
Better tools and techniques for increased climate resilience
Without investment
Decreased economic wellbeing and food security


With a 50 year record at the forefront of agricultural research and innovation, CGIAR is uniquely placed to deliver the science needed for a secure future.

The challenges the world faces today are complex and interconnected. CGIAR researches and develops new technologies and approaches across all disciplines while ensuring capacity is shared between partners, and helps countries create the enabling environment required to implement meaningful change. Our global footprint of 13 research centers and 3,000 local partners in over 80 countries taps into networks of farmers, rural women, small and large-business organizations, government and policymakers to ensure cutting edge science delivers meaningful change where it is needed most.

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