Rethinking Food Markets

Globally integrated food value chains

Making globally integrated value chains inclusive, efficient, and environmentally sustainable

Global value chains (GVCs) are rapidly evolving, driven by changes in consumer demand, logistics, and technology. Expanding high-value markets represent opportunities for smallholders and agrifood SMEs to gain remunerative employment, climb out of poverty, and improve their diets. This strand of work focuses on increasing participation and profitability by testing and scaling interventions in three areas: (a) innovations to improve vertical co-ordination among GVC actors; (b) mechanisms for upgrading product quality, including for food safety and sustainability; and (c) identifying and scaling digital innovations for tracing products and making market information accessible to GVC participants. The goal is to deepen understanding of the opportunities and risks of expanding GVCs and lower barriers for small-scale producers and SMEs, including women and youth, to participate in and benefit from them.


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