Market Intelligence

This CGIAR Initiative on Market Intelligence briefs series engages social scientists, crop breeding teams and others to work together toward the design and implementation of a demand-led breeding approach.


Traditionally, researchers from CGIAR, NARES and universities who have sought to inform crop breeding and seed systems programming have done so by publishing their work in reputable international peer-reviewed journals. However, the process can be slow, potentially requiring multiple revisions over years. The practical nature of market intelligence research can limit its relevance for journal editors who are looking to push theoretical debates forward. Thus, for Market Intelligence to deliver on its promise, new ways of communicating will be essential. In looking to address these limitations, CGIAR Initiative on Market Intelligence has led the design and implementation of a publication series called Market Intelligence Briefs (MIB). Each brief is reviewed by peers, is concise (less than 4000 words), avoids technical jargon, and attempts to present conclusions in a clear and decisive manner.

Access the briefs here:

Brief 1: Market intelligence for informing crop-breeding decisions by CGIAR and NARES
Brief 2: Future market segments for hybrid maize in East Africa
Brief 3: Behavioral market intelligence and its implications for seed systems development
Brief 4: Implications of the ban on rice cultivation in Uganda’s wetlands for breeding and seed systems programing
Brief 5: Maize farmers acquire early-maturity seed across production environments
Brief 6: Protocol for evidence synthesis of market intelligence: Application to rice in the global South
Brief 7: Introducing the non-rancidity trait into pearl millet seed: Scenarios for achieving future impact in Kenya
Brief 8: At the ground level : Accounting for farmers’ perspectives and inclusion issues in seed promotion
Brief 9: Seed product requirements of the potato-processing industry in Eastern Africa : Implications for CGIAR market segmentation and target product profiles
Brief 10: Consumers’ preferences for sweet potato in Viet Nam and implications for CGIAR market segmentation and target product profiles

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