Diversification in East and Southern Africa

Ukama Ustawi (UU) took a holistic approach to agricultural enhancement in Zambia, in 2023, spearheading multiple trials and demonstrations across communities to test and improve various farming practices. These interventions covered a wide array of agricultural aspects, from crop strategies to fodder production and mechanization access, all with the aim of sustainable development and increased efficiency. UU also invested in capacity building for farmers, emphasizing climate and financial literacy through media engagements. Collaborative efforts with financial institutions led to innovations in agricultural financing, further supported by policy dialogues that paved the way for informed decision-making and strategy formulation. With a focus on nutrition, training, and future technological workshops, UU’s integrated activities in 2023 laid a robust foundation for continued progress in the sector.

In 2024, UU is set to undertake a wide array of activities in Zambia aimed at enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainability while addressing social inclusion. UU will expand baby trials in eastern and northern Zambia to test new agricultural practices and technologies and conduct forage testing demonstrations to improve livestock feeding practices. To boost agricultural mechanization, UU will increase the number of mechanization service providers and develop a specialized finance instrument for mechanization and irrigation to enable more farmers to access modern farming technologies. And biofortified foods will be promoted within communities to improve nutrition. A significant innovation by UU in collaboration with Agora Microfinance is the development of a Climate Credit Scoring Module to enhance the agriculture sector’s loan portfolio. Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) training will take place for the crew of the “Munda Makeover” television show writers, presenters, and showrunners, etc., to ensure that GESI issues are adequately addressed in media content.

The second cohort of the CGIAR Food Systems Accelerator (CFSA) will continue to maintain momentum in fostering agricultural innovation. Several peer-reviewed journal articles are in the pipeline, highlighting research findings from studies in Southern Africa. UU will also develop a flood index insurance product to mitigate the risks associated with extreme weather events and conduct an impact assessment of the “Munda Makeover” farmer reality TV show. UU is also set to draft a specific policy paper for Zambia and review GESI issues within the country’s agribusiness ecosystem. And a GESI capacity assessment and development strategy, along with a toolkit for agribusiness network actors, are being planned to strengthen the social dimensions of agricultural development in Zambia.


  • Ministry of Agriculture in Zambia
  • Total LandCare
  • Zambia Agricultural Research Institute (ZARI)
  • The Mediae Company
  • Tota
  • Mercy Corps AgriFin – Sprout
  • World Food Programme (WFP)
  • Feed the Future USAID UC Davis
  • Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy
  • Analysis Network (FANRPAN)
  • Agricultural Consultative Forum (ACF)
  • International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC)
  • The Rallying Cry
  • 2SCALE
  • Centre for Coordination of Agricultural Research and
  • Development for Southern Africa (CCARDESA)
  • Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA)
  • African Union
  • Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in
  • Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA)
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