Climate Resilience


Home to 17 million people, Zambia is a landlocked country in southern Africa with a strong commitment to green development to become a middle-income country within the next decade. Characterized for its dependence on maize, Zambia is in need of agricultural diversification, climate information services and policies to support farmers and others in the food value chain to make agriculture a successful component of the country’s green growth strategy.

Gender and social equity are also recognized among areas that need to be prioritized to enhance systemic resilience. Researchers and partners will work on developing an agricultural risk management strategy that prioritizes gender-differentiated, insurable climatic risks and co-designing bundled insurance products, such as gender-appropriate risk-contingent credit. Targeted financial education, randomized controlled trials, monitoring, and loan repayments will be managed by local partners, providing expertise to continue over the long term. In addition to rolling out its work packages, the Initiative aims to support policy design and mass communication of its work in collaboration with other CGIAR Initiatives.


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