Climate Resilience


With a large agricultural sector, Senegal is threatened by a host of climate change impacts, including drought, floods, increased temperatures, and sea level rise. In the face of these increasing threats to agriculture and food security in the country, the government has developed a 20-year strategy targeting food security and resilience, the Stratégie nationale de sécurité alimentaire et de résilience 2015–2035. Senegal is actively promoting climate-smart agriculture (CSA), index insurance, and agro-advisories.

The CGIAR Initiative on Climate Resilience is aligned with key priorities in the country including strengthening climate information services, testing climate-smart agriculture in specific farm contexts, and issues related to climate security and governance. Partnerships and coordination with other climate-related action in Senegal are priorities for the Initiative. CGIAR, through CCAFS and other collaborations, has successfully worked with Senegalese national partners to disseminate CSA technologies, especially water management practices and downscaled climate information services. Initiative researchers and partners will continue to build on this work to help farmers and policymakers make informed decisions.


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