Climate Resilience

Governance for Resilience

Facilitating multiscale governance for transformative adaptation

Governance for Resilience is one of four areas of focus for the CGIAR Initiative on Climate Resilience.

Governance built from the bottom up will reduce risk, ensure solutions are applicable, and seek out “champions of change” who can advocate for local investment as well as empowerment and inclusion of all stakeholders. To support this, researchers and partners will develop:

  • A polycentric governance model that looks across levels, scales, and sectors to help organize decision-making that links adaptation at the local level to policy processes at the national level.
  • Climate risk to socio-economic indicators that incorporate gender and social equity to ensure recommendations consider the needs of all groups and leave no one behind.
  • A dashboard that brings together global-level data and community-identified needs to provide policymakers with informed options for local-scale investments and achieving SDG targets.
  • A multistakeholder platform to facilitate coordination for early warning, early action, and early finance (called AWARE) to promote proactive/informed decisions for anticipatory disaster mitigation responses in the face of extreme climate events.


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