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Three Power Yogurt: A food innovation to combat childhood anemia in Lima, Peru

In Peru, 42 percent of children were affected by anemia in 2022, according to studies by the country’s National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI). In 2021, chronic malnutrition affected 512,000 children in the country. In Lima, the situation is also alarming, with 31 percent of children under five years of age suffering from anemia and 32 percent at risk of malnutrition. Even in Lima Centro, which includes many higher-socioeconomic districts, 31 percent of children are at risk of malnutrition, and 25 percent suffer from anemia, according to data provided by the INEI in 2023.

These numbers show that malnutrition and anemia affect many families in Lima, including those with higher incomes. In a survey conducted by the Three Power team with 60 households in Lima, 45 percent expressed concern about the lack of nutritious and tasty food options on the market for their children. They reported that, on numerous occasions, they had to persuade their children to eat certain foods to achieve the required levels of iron and nutrients.

Access to nutritious food products is crucial for promoting the health and development of children, especially in countries like Peru where anemia and malnutrition remain a significant challenge. It is easy for children and teenagers to find sweets in nearby kiosks, but difficult to find products that are desirable and nutritious. It is increasingly urgent to create nutritious and tasty products that are designed to please the demanding palates of children, while also providing the nutrients necessary for their health and optimal development during this crucial stage.

To address this pressing issue, a group of students and a biotechnology professor from UNALM embarked on an innovative journey. Their solution?  Yogurt Three Power—a revolutionary food innovation aimed at combating anemia and malnutrition in children by providing a delicious and highly nutritious food. This innovative idea resulted from innovation and entrepreneurship programs organized and financed by Resilient Cities in association with Incubagraria, the UNALM business incubator.

Three Power Yogurt transforms the Peruvian market by offering a product that boasts three times more protein than any other available yogurt, and is the only yogurt high in iron and vitamin A. Crafted from a unique blend of spirulina, cushuro (Andean seaweed), and bovine blood, and supplemented with vitamin A from sweet potatoes, this yogurt addresses the critical nutritional needs of children suffering from anemia and malnutrition.

Through an innovative process, the yogurt ensures optimal uptake of nutrients and probiotics, promoting energy, vitality, and enhanced learning,  while helping to combat anemia and malnutrition among Peru’s children and adolescent. The gummy capsules in the yogurt add an element of fun for young consumers, making Three Power Yogurt not only nutritious but also appealing to its target audience.

In June 2023, the Three Power Yogurt team was one of the winning teams in an innovation challenge in Lima. The team received seed capital of US$600, which they used to develop a product prototype. The prototype has been tested on children and young people, and received widespread acceptance for its innovation and taste. As the following testimonials demonstrate, the product has been well received by consumers:

“A very attractive product for my son, who does not like vegetables or soups,
but does like yogurt.”

“Novel and pleasant alternative for my children who are in school.”

“I buy nutritious foods because my daughter suffers from anemia, but
normally she doesn’t like this kind of food. Having a highly nutritious yogurt
would be a good option for her since she likes this drink.”

“An excellent product that many children need.”

Several testimonials.

Lois Jemutai tests a sample of fresh milk from a farm in her village over a flame in her shop near Eldoret, Kenya. Credit: Kabir Dhanji

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La Molina National Agrarian University (UNALM); Incubagraria; UNALM Business Incubator.