What is the Transition Consultation Forum?

The Transition Consultation Forum (TCF) was established in January 2020 at the invitation of the Chair of the CGIAR System Council as a discussion and consultation provide multi-stakeholder input and advice on the transition to One CGIAR.

One CGIAR refers to a future, more unified and integrated CGIAR, as set out in the recommendations of the System Reference Group (SRG) and endorsed by the CGIAR System Council at its 9th meeting in November 2019. 

The TCF comprises members of the CGIAR System Council, all members of the CGIAR System Management Board (SMB), all Center Board Chairs and Directors General, and the Chair of the Independent Science for Development Council (ISDC). 

The forum is co-chaired by Nicole Birrell, convener of Center Board Chairs, Tony Cavalieri, System Council member, Marco Ferroni, SMB Chair, and Gareth Johnstone, convener of Center Directors General.

Additional stakeholders may be invited to join the TCF or its meetings as members, invited guests, resource persons, or observers. 

The TCF’s work is supported by the System Organization and, once established, a dedicated Transition Program Management Unit. 

NEW: 7th message from the TCF Co-Chairs (August 19, 2020)

TCF Co-Chairs’ Message 7th Edition – August 2020

Transition Advisory Groups and Support Teams

Members of the TCF, along with experts and stakeholders from across the CGIAR System and its partners, have formed smaller, thematic Transition Advisory Groups (TAG) to provide continuous input and guidance across the various dimensions of the One CGIAR transition. 

The work of the TAGs is supported by dedicated teams, comprising System Organization staff, Center secondees, and external experts.

For CGIAR staff and stakeholders who wish to get involved in or be better informed of the transition to One CGIAR, relevant avenues are set out here. 

Transition Program Management Unit 

A dedicated Transition Program Management Unit (TPMU), led by a Program Director, has been established to manage the transition process as a comprehensive program of interconnected projects.

The TPMU is overseen by and reports to the CGIAR System Management Board/One CGIAR Common Board and – once operational – a One CGIAR Executive Management Team.

Latest Webinar

Download presentation: Introduction to One CGIAR.