The System Management Board (“Board”) has two Standing Committees as follows:

1. Audit and Risk Committee (“ARC”)

The purpose of the ARC is to:

  • Provide the Board with independent assurance of adequate internal audit capacity, system-wide governance, risk management and internal controls; and
  • Provide oversight the financial management of Unrestricted Funding and research-program specific funding.

The approved terms of reference are available here

The ARC is comprised of four members who serve in their personal capacity in the interests of the CGIAR System as a whole:

Three CGIAR Center-affiliated members:

  • Bushra Naz-Malik, Chair (Audit & Risk Management Committee Chair, World Agroforestry Centre)
  • Gordon MacNeil (SMB member and Audit Committee Chair, AfricaRice)
  • Bob Semple (Audit, Finance and Risk Committee Chair, CIMMYT)

One Independent member:

  • Eugene Terry

2. Strategic Impact, Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (“SIMEC”)

At their 8th meeting on 11-12 December 2017, the System Management Board agreed that the full Board will deliver on the purpose of the SIMEC, the Board’s second standing Committee as mandated by Article 9.11(b) of the Charter of the System Organization. That purpose is to review the research program evaluations, oversight of the strategic direction of the CGIAR System Organization and the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of the CGIAR Research according to a robust and rigorous results based management framework.