The System Management Board has the authority to establish ad-hoc working groups and task teams, as it deems appropriate to carry out its work. Such groups are advisory only, and typically drawn on experience beyond the System Management Board memberships.

Current ad hoc Working Groups comprise

Working Group on Rules of Governance was set up to provide counsel regarding the Rules of Procedure of the System Management Board, and its conflicts of interest management practices.

Working Group on CGIAR Country Collaboration was set up to review and make a proposal for improving the implementation of the country collaboration initiative.

Past Working Groups of the System Management Board include:

Working GroupTerm endTerms of Reference
Working Group on Cost-sharing for Host Centers31 March 2017Terms of Reference
Working Group on Funding System Actions and Entities31 March 2017Terms of Reference
Working Group for Dryland Research Program(s)31 March 2017Terms of Reference
Working Group for Resource Mobilization1 September 2017Terms of Reference

Joint Working Groups of the System Council and the System Management Board

* Funding Allocation Working Group was set up to work with the (Interim) Executive Director to establish a pragmatic approach to optimizing the effective allocation of Window 1 and Window 2 funding to the CGIAR Portfolio for 2017.

  • Chair: Andrew Campbell (System Council member for Australia)
  • Term: 30 June 2017 (as requested by the System Council)
  • Terms of Reference

Note: The terms of reference for these ad-hoc working groups include the process for appointment of committee members, the appointment of qualified individuals or representatives other than voting members or their alternates, and attendance at meetings.