Participation in the deliberations of the CGIAR System Management Board is determined in accordance with the provisions of the Charter of the CGIAR System Organization, the legal instrument governing the CGIAR System Organization.

The Board is comprised of 9 voting and 1 non-voting ex-officio member, and its deliberations are informed by the participation of 5 non-voting Active Observers, comprised of representatives of the System Council and its primary advisory bodies, and one CGIAR research program leader from the CGIAR Portfolio. All Board participants must act in good faith in the interests of the CGIAR System as a whole.

Voting Board members are appointed by the General Assembly of the Centers in accordance with the Charter and the rules of procedure of the General Assembly. Whenever possible, the Chair of the Board should be drawn from amongst the independent voting members. In accordance with the Charter, it is the responsibility of the General Assembly to ensure that the Board includes at all times at least one expert in organizational management and one expert in financial management.

Participation in the Board is as follows:

Download: System Management Board Composition

Marco FerroniChair
Independent Member
Until 31 August 2019
Isatou JallowIndependent MemberUntil 30 November 2020
Kanayo F. NwanzeIndependent MemberUntil 31 August 2019
Amos Namanga NgongiCenter-affiliated MemberUntil 31 August 2020
Barbara WellsCenter-affiliated MemberUntil 31 August 2019
Claudia SadoffCenter-affiliated MemberUntil 31 August 2020
Geoff HawtinCenter-affiliated MemberUntil 31 August 2019
Gordon MacNeilCenter-affiliated MemberUntil 31 August 2019
Yvonne PintoCenter-affiliated MemberUntil 31 August 2020
Elwyn Grainger-Jones
(ex-officio non-voting)
Executive Director, CGIAR System OrganizationFor length of term in office
Active ObserversRepresentativeTerm
Research program leader from the CGIAR PortfolioIzabella KoziellUntil 31 December 2019
System Council Voting MembersEric Witte
Mellissa Wood
Until 15 November 2019*
CGIAR Independent Science for Development Council (ISDC)Maggie GillUntil 20 September 2019**

*Based on decision SC/M8/EDP2 to extend these appointments
**Based on decision SC/M8/DP9 to extend this appointment

The Chair of the Board’s Audit and Risk Committee, if that person is not otherwise a member of the Board, the Chair of the Standing Panel on Impact Assessment, the Head of the Advisory Services Shared Secretariat and the trustee of the CGIAR Trust Fund may be invited to attend Board meetings as may be required from time to time.