The CGIAR System benefits from the advice of the following advisory bodies:

  • The Independent Science and Partnership Council (ISPC) a standing panel of experts appointed by the System Council to serve as an independent advisor on science and research matters, including strategies for effective partnerships along the research for development continuum.
  • The Independent Evaluation Arrangement (IEA) established in 2012 as an independent unit to support the pursuit of CGIAR objectives, the IEA manages and supports evaluations which aim to improve the quality and effectiveness of the processes involved in agricultural research for development outcomes.
  • The Internal Audit Function provides independent and objective assurance and advisory services to the System Council and the System Management Board.
  • The System Council Intellectual Property Group (SC IP Group) established by the System Council under the Intellectual Property Principles, its role is to facilitate coordination between the System Council and the System Organization with regard to the implementation of the CGIAR IA Principles and advising the System Council in order to enable it to provide adequate oversight of Intellectual Asset management in CGIAR while safeguarding sensitive and confidential information. The role, rights and duties and the membership of the SC IP Group are set out in its Terms of Reference, established under the CGIAR Principles on the Management of Intellectual Assets.

Based on discussions at its 6th meeting in May 2018, the System Council agreed by electronic decision with effect from 4 October 2018 (SC/M6/EDP2), to put in place revised terms of reference for the following bodies, which will take operational effect from 1 January 2019: