A women's group in Nigeria prepares food.


African Green Revolution Forum
September 7–11, 2020

CGIAR Research is vital to transforming African food systems, building farmers' resilience and nourishing vulnerable populations in the face of COVID-19, climate change and other complex challenges

The African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) is the world’s premier forum for African agriculture, bringing together stakeholders in the agricultural landscape to take practical actions and share lessons that will move African agriculture forward. The theme of the summit, “Feed the Cities, Grow the Continent: Leveraging Urban Food Markets to Achieve Sustainable Food Systems in Africa,” is a call to action to rethink our food systems to deliver resilient, better nourished, and more prosperous outcomes for all.

CGIAR has a significant presence at the summit this year, and will be showcasing the contribution of CGIAR Research to food systems, resilience, nutritious food, and markets and trade. Learn more about CGIAR’s role in transforming African food systems in a new blog by Claudia Sadoff, Executive Management Team Convener and Managing Director, Research Delivery and Impact, CGIAR System Organization.

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Use the links in the schedule below to tune in to hear about CGIAR’s forthcoming 2030 Research Strategy; kick off the Excellence in Agronomy initiative, bringing together the work of nine CGIAR Centers; join the launch of the CGIAR GENDER Platform, and much more.

Key events and activities

  Monday September 7th
  13:00–14:00 Round table

Sustainable Agriculture Intensification to Feed the Cities and Grow Africa

CGIAR System Organization, IFPRI, WLE

This Commission on Sustainable Agriculture Intensification round table will highlight the important role of innovation in sustainable agricultural intensification to support the profound changes needed in rural and urban food systems. See the program and watch the recording

Ruben Echeverria, Senior Research Fellow at IFPRI, and Alice Ruhweza, CGIAR System Board member, will speak in the event. 

  15:00–16:30 Pre-event

Scaling for Food Systems Transformation in the Post-COVID Era


This session will showcase action commitments from organizations that are supporting scaling, and explore how scaling principles, and experiences with COVID-19 to date, might inform a pivot from recovery to broader systems change through a decisive shift in priorities, funding and modalities to improve resilience and accelerate responsible and inclusive food and agricultural systems transformation. Watch the recording.

Martin Kropff, Director General of CIMMYT, and Bram Govaerts, Interim Deputy Director General of CIMMYT, will speak in the session.

  15:00–17:00 Pre-event

Excellence in Agronomy



This session will launch the Excellence in Agronomy (EiA) 2030 initiative on sustainable intensification of smallholder farming systems, explore linkages with other initiatives operating in the agronomy-at-scale space, and solicit feedback from the stakeholder community, including investors, on key thematic areas for integration into the initiative. Learn more about the initiative here.

Featuring speakers Martin Kropff (CIMMYT), Bernard Vanlauwe (IITA), Tilahun Amede (ICRISAT), Kazuki Saito (AfricaRice), Meklit Chernet (IITA), Medha Devare (IFPRI, CGIAR Big Data) and Jonathan Odhong (IITA).

  17:00–18:00 Pre-event

Rise Up Together: Women’s role in Africa’s Green Revolution

The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, CGIAR GENDER, CGIAR System Council, CIFOR, CIP

This panel will discuss the often-hidden role women play within agriculture in Africa and how to give women more voice within agriculture, reflecting on the roles of data, evidence, and framing in efforts to move the discussion forward. Learn more about the event (event page, video) and watch the recording.

Featuring speakers Nicoline de Haan (CGIAR GENDER), Stephen Potter (CGIAR System Council), Markus Ihalainen (CIFOR), Eileen Nchanji (The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT) and Vivian Atakos (CIP).

  17:00–18:30 Pre-event

Agriculture Technologies for Feeding Cities


The session will examine what Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT) brings to a country and how technologies and partnerships are helping farmers across agro-ecological zones, highlighting how TAAT focuses on value chain promotion in selected food security commodities, and stimulates conversations on sustainable agricultural transformation. Learn more about the event (website, video) and watch the recording.

Featuring speakers Ken Dashiell (IITA), Zewdie Bishaw (ICARDA) and Abass Adebayo (IITA).

  Tuesday September 8th
  11:00–13:00 Parallel session

Developing Resilience Frameworks for Sustainable Production and Consumption


This session will showcase cities with the best practices on sustainable food systems, identifying appropriate innovations and enterprises for building resilient food systems. Watch the recording.

Shenggen Fan, CGIAR System Board member, and Tony Simons, Director General of ICRAF, will speak on the Panel.

  14:00–15:30 Results Factory

Policy Symposium | AASR Report Launch: Feeding Africa’s Cities

CGIAR System Organization

This session launches the report, which assesses the opportunities, challenges and policies required to enable African farmers and agribusinesses to serve rapidly growing urban food markets. Watch the recording.

Ismahane Elouafi, CGIAR System Board member, will speak on the Panel.

  14:00–15:30 Results Factory

Policy Symposium | Building Resilience through Data and Digital Platforms

The The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, CGIAR Big Data

This symposium will highlight how innovative agricultural data systems and digital platforms are promoting adaptation and resilience across the food system, especially in the wake of crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the locust outbreak and famine. Watch the recording.

Brian King, Coordinator of the Platform for Big Data in Agriculture, and Caroline Mwongera Mugambi, Policies and Institutions Theme Leader for the Alliance of Biodiversity International and CIAT, will speak in the session.  

  Wednesday September 9th
  14:00–15:45 Results Factory

Policy Symposium | Advancing Gender and Nutrition: Engaging Nutritionally Vulnerable Urban Consumers

CIMMYT, HarvestPlus

This symposium will discuss ways to better identify high-risk and high-priority groups in urban environments, and ensure that policy to improve urban food systems reaches and benefits vulnerable communities. Watch the recording.

Martin Kropff, Director General of CIMMYT, and Arun Baral, CEO of HarvestPlus, will speak on the Panel.

  16:00–18:00 Plenary

Nutritious Food | Growing Africa’s Food – African Leaders Unpack Nutrition Indicators


This plenary session will showcase ways to create demand for African products that fuel diverse, healthy diets with the safety and quality every consumer needs. Find more information on the event page and watch the recording.

Barbara Wells, Director General of CIP will participate in the debate.

  18:15–20:00 Plenary

Red Threads | Fireside Chat: Healthy Food; Healthy Cities

CGIAR System Organization

In a fireside chat, high-level guests will link the way nutritious food creates a healthy city, through greater social equity, healthy people and an invigorated workforce. Watch the recording.

Claudia Sadoff, Managing Director, Research Delivery and Impact, of the CGIAR System Organization, will speak on the Panel.

  Thursday September 10th
  11:00–13:00 Parallel session

Strengthening Agri-Food Data Systems

CGIAR System Board

This session will explore ways of advancing sustainable food and nutrition security data and market information gathering through the use of digital technology in crop production forecasting for decision-making. Watch the recording.

Alice Ruhweza, CGIAR System Board member, will speak on the Panel.

See the full program and register here.

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Header image: Members of a women’s group in Nigeria with food they have prepared. Photo by C. de Bode/CGIAR