To fully unlock the potential of the 2016 CGIAR governance reforms – which opened the door to a reinvigorated sense of collective ownership – in 2018 the CGIAR System approved an inaugural CGIAR System 3-Year Business Plan (2019-2021).


The new CGIAR Business Plan adds up to an ambitious but achievable set of innovations to create a more efficient, focused and less fragmented System. It represents a period of sustained change to proactively manage a necessary evolution of the CGIAR System as it faces profound shifts in its operating environment.


The business plan sets out 10 action points that aim to achieve successful implementation of CGIAR’s research portfolio; greater cooperation between Centers; a new portfolio developed as part of a new 2030 Plan; a step change on gender both in the workforce and in research programs; and stabilized funding that is commensurate with the task.


During the business plan period, the 2030 Plan will be developed to set out an ambitious forward vision for the CGIAR System including a new round of programming for the 2022-2030 period, framed in terms of CGIAR’s planned contribution to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The System Management Board (SMB) will lead the development of the 2030 Plan, with the CGIAR System Reference Group (SRG) operating as a consultation platform in 2019.


The 10 priority actions of the CGIAR business plan 2019-2021


Action 1: Implement and enhance the portfolio of CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs) and Platforms
Action 2: Create finance sustainability and growth in CGIAR
Action 3: Strengthen Program performance management
Action 4: Improve people management
Action 5: Pursue new cross-Center alliances
Action 6: Enhance collaboration with delivery partners
Action 7: Align and enhance assurance systems
Action 8: Align high-quality independent advisory services into System-level decision-making
Action 9: Strengthen collective resource mobilization and communication efforts
Action 10: Prepare a longer-term plan


Photo by P. Vishwanathan/IWMI