Men cut fodder at a dairy farm in Meru, Kenya. Photo by Georgina Smith/Alliance Bioversity International-CIAT.

Altmetric Attention Scores

Altmetric Attention Scores

Altmetric Attention Scores refer to metrics and qualitative data for publications that complement traditional, citation-based metrics.

As of 30 July 2021, there was a total of 2,210 CGIAR information products with Altmetric Attention Scores, with 77,228 total mentions or readers tracked on Mendeley, and 33,458 mentions on Twitter.

As of 30 July 2021, the CGIAR publication with the highest Altmetric Attention Score, ‘Asynchronous carbon sink saturation in African and Amazonian tropical forests’, published in the journal Nature, and reported by the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry, had a score of 2,091.


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