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CGIAR’s three System-level Outcomes (SLOs) – reduced poverty, improved food and nutrition security for health, and improved natural resources and ecosystems services – are matched to specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In 2019, CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs) and Platforms reported 99 cases of progress toward SLO targets. 

Fifty-one percent of the 2019 contributions to the SLOs were linked to poverty reduction (SLO1), 29% to improved food and nutrition security (SLO2), and 20% to improved natural resources and ecosystem services (SLO3). These percentages are aligned with previous contributions to the CGIAR Strategy and Results Framework (SRF) in 2017 and 2018. Most impact cases were reported in East, West, Central and Southern Africa, South and South East Asia, and Latin America.  A significant number of SLO contributions in 2019 were reported for Bangladesh, Kenya and Nigeria.


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Use the CGIAR Program Results Dashboard to explore the contributions of CGIAR research to the SLOs and SDGs in 2019. Contributions can be viewed by country, SLO (including by target) or SDG, using the filters or the interactive map and graphs.