Independent Science and Partnership Council

The Independent Science and Partnership Council (ISPC) advises Fund donors on major science issues.

Harnessing the best of global science

Expert scientific advice gives the CGIAR the edge in harnessing the best of global science. The ISPC is a panel of world-class scientific experts chosen by the Fund Council to provide independent advice. Where there is no conflict of interest the ISPC also responds to requests for advice from the Consortium. As the ISPC reports to the Fund Council it is also an important link between donors and the Consortium on scientific issues.

In providing its advice, the ISPC ensures our research aligns with our Strategy and Results Framework. To foster learning throughout the CGIAR, the ISPC capitalizes on evaluations by feeding findings into peer reviews and evaluations of completed programs.

Strengthening science in the CGIAR

The ISPC plays a vital role in strengthening our science, improving the productivity of our scientists and the quality of science they do. As well as advising on scientific issues the experts catalyze partnerships between CGIAR and other international agricultural research institutions. In global debates the ISPC backstops the role of CGIAR as honest broker.