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CGIAR: Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
Nourishing the Future through Scientific Excellence

Agriculture Matters: the CGIAR at the United Nations, September 13, 2005

The Group of 77, Government of Japan, FAO and CGIAR copsonsored a briefing/discussion " Agriculture Matters: Role of international community in delivering research and technology applications that enhance small farmer incomes and food availability in developing countries " at United Nations headquarters in New York.

Over 80 participants (including Ministers and Ambassadors from South and North) attended the event which succeeded in highlighting the importance of agriculture for achieving the Millennium Development Goals, and the specific role of research and technology applications for increasing farmer incomes and food availability in developing countries. The lunch menu featured CGIAR research commodities such as New Rices for Africa (NERICAs), cassava, and tilapia fish. A highlight of the meeting was a presentation by Pedro Lopez Ignacio, a farmer from Oaxaca, Mexico who spoke eloquently about his partnership with CIMMYT, and how it helped him to increase maize production and improve storage methods.


"We are getting a taste of the future" said Ian Johnson, CGIAR Chairman and World Bank Vice President for Sustainable Development, explaining to participants the benefits of CGIAR research on important commodities such as rice, cassava, and tilapia fish.

left to right: Ambassador Byron Blake, Representative of Chair, G-77, David Harcharik, Deputy Director General, FAO and Francisco Reifschneider, Director, CGIAR.

Director General Dar explains ICRISAT's research efforts to participants

Pedro Ignacio Lopez, a farmer from Oaxaca, Mexico spoke about how science helped him to improve yields and storage methods

Shiro Sadoshima, Deputy Director-General, Economic Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan

Joachim von Braun, Director General, IFPRI and Florence Chenoweth, FAO Director, New York.

CGIAR Exhibit at UN

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