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CGIAR: Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
Nourishing the Future through Scientific Excellence

Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA), June 6-12, 2005, Entebbe, Uganda

"Innovation to transform agriculture for improved livelihoods and development in Africa" was the theme of FARA's Third Biennial General Assembly. Given the CGIAR's strong partnership with FARA, the work of CGIAR Centers featured prominently in the General Assembly agenda. Professor Uzo Mokwunye, Chairman of the Board, ICRISAT, represented CGIAR. In a keynote speech, he reiterated CGIAR's strong commitment to African agricultural development spanning over three decades, providing examples of partnership and beneficial impacts of Center research, and noting that "CGIAR is here to support an African-led revolution in agriculture."

Additional highlights of the meeting were presentations from Africa Rice Center, CIAT, IFPRI, IPGRI, IWMI, ICRISAT, and World Agroforestry Centre. The CGIAR display featured panels and publications from the CGIAR Centers.

CGIAR display

Beatrice Ouma (ILRI) and Howard Elliott

CGIAR display

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