A Global Agricultural Research Partnership

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CGIAR: Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
Nourishing the Future through Scientific Excellence
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Preliminary Program

AGM07 events listed below were held at the Beijing International Convention Center unless otherwise indicated.

Click here for Final Program (14 pages)

Advances in Science for Sustainable Agriculture

November 26 - December 2 Ancillary meetings
December 2 - 4 CGIAR Exhibition
A showcase of the work of CGIAR Centers, Chinese agricultural research and partner organizations will be featured at the exhibit hall. The exhibition was opened to the public from December 2 and through December 4th, 6pm.
December 3

Centers' and Members' Day
A full day designed to provide opportunities for dialogue among Centers and Members, on the basis of the work conducted by the Centers. The agenda included a variety of opportunities for interaction and discussion from plenary discussions to one -on- one dialogues.

Opening Ceremony 4:30pm-5:30pm
Following opening remarks by CGIAR Chair Katherine Sierra, senior Chinese officials welcomed participants and presented China's perspectives on advances in science for sustainable agriculture.

Host Country Dinner 6:30pm
The Government of the People's Republic of China hosted a welcome dinner for AGM participants.

December 4

CGIAR Stakeholder Meeting: Science Forum 8:30am-5:30pm
The Science Forum was designed to foster dialogue about scientific achievements and opportunities ( click here for agenda ). The event drew lessons from the use of advances in science in Center research, examined the potential of new approaches from the wider scientific community for better enabling the CGIAR to achieve its goals and considered how these advances could be mobilized effectively.

Sir John Crawford Memorial Lecture - 7:30pm at the Great Hall of the People
Click here for more information on the Crawford Lecture.

CGIAR Science Awards Ceremony
The Awards Ceremony was held following the Crawford Lecture. Click here for the E-News article on the awards.

CGIAR Dinner
A dinner hosted by Katherine Sierra was held in the Great Hall of the People.

December 5 - 6 Business Meeting
The CGIAR membership met for two full-day sessions to discuss strategic issues and take decisions on CGIAR business and reviewed the implementation of previous decisions of the Group. Attendence was by invitation.
December 7 Post-AGM Tours
Click here for more information.

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