A Global Agricultural Research Partnership

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CGIAR: Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
Nourishing the Future through Scientific Excellence
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General Information

CGIAR AGM2006 took place in Washington DC at the Hilton Washington Hotel and at the World Bank.

The following events were held:

  • Ancillary meetings, November 29 - December 3 - Hilton Washington Hotel
  • Members and Centers Day, December 4 - Hilton Washington Hotel
  • Stakeholders Meeting (Civil Society Forum), December 5 - Hilton Washington Hotel
  • Crawford Lecture, December 5, 6:30pm - Hilton Washington Hotel
  • Business Meeting, December 6 and 7, by invitation only - the Main Complex, World Bank

The CGIAR Exhibition highlighting the work of Centers, Challenge Programs and CGIAR Partners together with the Innovation Marketplace, special exhibits and the CGIAR Photo Competition "An Eye on Change through Agricultural Science" ran from Sunday December 3 through Tuesday December 5, at the Hilton Washington Hotel.

AGM06 Center and Challenge Program Booth Assignments: match the number to the floor plan offered above:

  1. WorldFish
  2. IWMI
  3. CIAT
  4. IITA
  7. IFPRI
  8. CIP
  9. CIFOR
  10. HarvestPlus
  11. Sub-Saharan Africa Challenge Program
  12. Water and Food Challenge Program
  13. Generation
  14. ILRI
  15. CGIAR System Office
  16. IPGRI
  17. World Agroforestry Centre
  18. IRRI
  19. Africa Rice Center (WARDA)
  20. ICARDA