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CGIAR: Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
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Transition Management Team

Note! The Transition Management Team will disband having fulfilled its task of leading the change process up to this stage. Further work on the reforms will take place throughout 2010, led by the Consortium Board and Fund Council.

At the Annual General Meeting 2008, the CGIAR established a Transition Management Team (TMT) to oversee the agreed revitalization of the CGIAR. Led by Katherine Sierra, CGIAR Chair, members of the TMT include:

  • Stephen Hall (CGIAR Alliance Executive Chair; Director General, WorldFish Center)
  • Mark Holderness (Executive Secretary, Global Forum for Agricultural Research)
  • Jonathan Wadsworth (Senior Agriculture Research Advisor, Department for International Development, UK)
  • Ren Wang (CGIAR Director)
TMT Journal Updates

Rudy Rabbinge (CGIAR Science Council Chair) will act as Advisor to the TMT Chair and Iftikhar Mostafa (CGIAR Secretariat Governance and Partnership Advisor) will serve as Secretary to the TMT. The following associate members will be called on to provide specific advice as needed:

  • Isabel Alvarez (Director of the Research and Extension Division, Natural Resources Management and Environment Department, FAO) will advise on connecting the new CGIAR with multilateral organizations
  • Derek Byerlee (Science Council Member) will advise on scientific matters
  • Vicki Wilde (Director, CGIAR Gender & Diversity Program) will advise on gender and diversity matters

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Restricted Area for TMT Members